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Medway Valley FisheriesMedway Valley




  1. All members MUST comply with the Environment Agency bylaws and hold 1 valid rod license for the use of one or two rods and 2 valid rod licenses for three rods. Members MUST have their membership card and Environment Agency rod licenses with them at all times.
  2. Please observe the speed limit, which is 5mph at all times on all of our waters, this is walking pace failing to do so will result in a ban.
  3. Only members that are fishing should be driving around the lakes. If you are not fishing then you must park in the main car park and walk. This includes spouses visiting partners who are fishing and in all cases members/visitors should park with respect and consideration for others. If you choose to ignore this your ticket will be withdrawn.
  4. Only those that are paid members with valid membership card are allowed to fish.
  5. We reserve the right to close any lakes for a given period when in the best interest of the fishery.
  6. Members and their guest (limited to 1 non fishing guest) enter all Medway Valley Fisheries venues at their own risk and members are responsible for the behaviour of their guest.
  7. Members are always responsible for keeping their swims and surrounding areas litter free. Please ensure that you take ALL litter home with you, failure to do so will result in a life ban.
  8. Swims cannot be reserved and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Buckets left in swims in an attempt to reserve them will be considered littering as per Rule 7, they will be removed and whoever placed it there will face a 24hr ban from the fishery. Please show your fellow anglers consideration and refrain from parking behind them whilst they are still fishing if you want to fish their swim next. If your chosen swim isn’t available find an alternative! Pressurising fellow anglers to move on before they are ready will not be tolerated!
  9. No trees or vegetation are too be cut back or damaged for any reason without our prior consent. Please respect all wildlife.
  10. Strictly no fires of any description.
  11. Your fishing area is half the distance between you and your neighbouring swim and half the distance between you and and the swim opposite you, regardless of whether these other swims are occupied or not! Please be aware that if you are in the corner areas of the lake then you are limited to close range fishing. COMMON SENSE AND GOOD ANGLING ETIQUETTE IS EXPECTED AT ALL TIMES!
  12. You must remain close to your rods at all times. It is illegal to leave a rod and line in the water unattended or over which you don’t have sufficient control. If the Bailiff deems that you are an un-safe distance away from your rods or are not attending them correctly, they will ask for your card and key and the matter will be referred to the Fishery Manager for consideration. You will be issued with a formal warning and not permitted to fish again until the Fishery Manger has agreed you can.
  13. All gates must be securely locked when entering and leaving any of our complexes.
  14. Line must be a minimum of .35. This will be checked with a Digital Vernier and applies to all waters.
  15. BROOKLANDS LAKE ONLY – No back leading and please avoid using slack lines due to the amount of Pea Mussels, Zebra Mussels and Swan mussels that reside on the lake bed. This will greatly improve your chances of landing fish and also reduce the amount of fish trailing line caused my mussel cut offs.
  16. A maximum of 3 rods on all lakes. The only exceptions to this are on Abbey Meads & Brooklands where if you have paid the extra rod supplement it is permissible to fish 4 rods. There is also a 2 rod limit on Woodlands from 1st May to 30th September only.
  17. Junior members who wish to fish after 6pm or before 6am must be accompanied by a fishing member and occupy the same swim. There is a 2 rod limit for all junior members on all waters.
  18. You purchase your keys to keep and they are non-refundable so please look after them. However, any member that is expelled from the club by the management for whatever reason must return their gate keys and membership card immediately as they are both the property of Medway Valley Fisheries. We reserve the right to take legal action to recover these items, at your expense if necessary. 
  19. No loud behaviour. Remember that peace and quiet catches more fish.
  20. Human waste is just about the worse waste there is. Please use the toilets provided or take it home with you.
  21. Maximum stay of 3 days and 3 nights is allowed on any of our waters and you will not return to the lakes for that same period within 3 days and a maximum of 2 hours is permitted. If you are leaving your equipment in a swim it will be removed if you are timed out!!
  22. No wading under any circumstances! No waders/chestwaders to be bought onto any MVF site.
  23. No carp or pike are to be placed in keep nets.
  24. Floatation slings or your landing nets are the only means of retaining fish when captured. Please make sure this is kept to a absolute maximum of 1 hour as all you should need to do is ready your equipment. Failing to do so will result in a ban as fish care is absolutely paramount. All Carp sacks and Carp Cradles that can seriously damage the fish are banned and not to be bought onto any MVF site.
  25. Please ensure you have suitable unhooking aids with you, e.g. disgorger or forceps along with an unhooking mat of minimum size 36 inches x 48 inches and a minimum landing net of 42 inches.
  26. When netting, weighing and photographing fish please take the upmost care to protect the fish and if in doubt about its health please return it to the water immediately.
  27. No particles allowed with the exception of sweetcorn and hemp (which must be pre-prepared and only used in moderate quantities). On the Big Lake anglers are limited to a maximum of 5kg per session. No oil-based pellets (trout, halibut, salmon etc.) are allowed.
  28. We have taken the step to ban the use of plastic baits permanently we have on numerous occasions we have removed rigs and line from fish that have picked up baits that have been left fishing threw crack offs.
  29. We have had some issues with lead clips this could be through anglers misuse or it could indeed be just the product, so we have a list of clips we have found to be very safe and work better than others. A list of approved clips is available from the Fishery Manager and will also be detailed in the annual Newsletter.
  30. Please ensure that all systems provide adequate drop of system and this includes Inline leads.
  31. Leads should be no heavier than 4oz.
  32. When pike fishing please use only barb-less trebles and please do not use crushed barb hooks.
  33. Lead core is banned end of.
  34. NO LEADERS OF ANY DESCRIPTION except on a spod or marker rod set up and no braided main line.
  35. All fishing to be done from designated swims only. No fishing from the Towpath Bank on the Trout Lake or the Housing Bank at Woodlands Lakes. The Housing Bank on the Ford Lake can only be fished from dawn to dusk. No fishing from any swims that are designated for our disabled members unless you are a Blue Badge Holder.
  36. No swimming or boating for any reason. All bait boats are banned and wading is also not allowed. However IN THE LARKFIELD COMPLEX ONLY a limited amount of small rowing boats are permitted on The Ocean but you must have express permission from the Fishery Manager plus your own Liability Insurance, plus you must supply the office with a copy of your insurance. Failure to adhere to theses conditions will result in an immediate ban. Details of our approved insurer can be found on the links page of our website.
  37. Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances whether it is to a bailiff, fellow member or a member of the public. Any member who introduces a friend to the club who subsequently gets banned will also lose their place.
  38. Bailiffs have the authority to request that you reel in your rods in order to ensure that no illegal baits or rigs are being used.
  39. All our bailiffs have been handpicked and work closely with Medway Valley Fisheries and all their decisions are final. Please remember that there are no excuses for not knowing the rules and if you are in doubt about anything then please ask a bailiff as they are there to help you.
  40. We have common interest in the consideration of both our environment and members of the public please be aware of all aspects of your surroundings and show respect accordingly.
  41. Memberships are only valid for 1 year at a time. You are not automatically renewed each year.
  42. Any club signage on any lake is there to protect you and members of the public and should be considered as part of the official rules.
  43. Any press articles that refer to Medway Valley Fisheries, it’s staff, officers or lakes all need to be approved by The Fisheries Manager prior to being released. Failure to do so will result in an instant ban.
  44. Each member is entitled to two weeks “Holiday” fishing on his or her specific water. This can only be taken in blocks of one week at a time and must be booked at least one week in advance. All booking requests must be made by email and authorised by the Fisheries Manger. Failure to notify the Fisheries Manager will result in a three-month ban and you will be asked to leave immediately.
  45. When visiting other members that are fishing, all visitors including our members are asked TO NOT DRIVE AND PARK ON SITE but to use the car parks provided and WALK to whomever they are visiting. Failure to do so will result in a three-month ban for all members involved, both visiting and fishing. This includes the Press!
  46. Medway Valley Fisheries reserve the right to make amendments to the membership policy and rules as and when we see fit and with no prior notice. It is the Member’s responsibility to regularly check the rules available on our website for any updates and changes that have been made.
  47. Some of our Bailiffs will now hold warrant cards that allow them to see your rods licences so its not just the Environment Agency you need to look out for so be warned. Failure to hold the correct licenses will result in an instant ban.
  48. Please keep alcohol consumption whilst fishing to an absolute minimum and store it out of plain site. You need to ensure you remain in control of your rods and set up at all times and whilst a few beers is fine, excessive drinking will not be tolerated and you will be asked to hand over your card and key and will be removed from the premises.

Medway Valley Fisheries, Fishermans Rest, Brooklands Lake, Brook Street, Snodland, ME6 5BB